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I haven't been around forever and after getting an e-mail from an online friend basically asking if I was still alive I thought it was time. I do think about posting, but all I have to say is such a downer and, frankly, I'm not in the spirit of schizo posting (feeling one way, posting another). I do know there are people here who do care about me and who do worry. Even when I have been MIA for so long.

All I can say is that it has sucked. Wrong diagnosis, wrong meds, really bad reaction to treatment and all the joy that goes with all of that have made me go see a shrink just to manage the situation. It turns out I'm not one of those strong, stoic types. More like angry and seriously pissed off. And talking about it does not make me feel better. Just makes me feel more of a wuss for not being stiff upper lip-y about the whole thing.

The procedure went well, btw. I was just lucky enough to get an infection that resisted the first antibios they gave me. I have learnt not to trust doctors and I have also learnt that picturing myself as a v. hungry vampire eating up the doctor who is ticking me off is oh, so very therapeutic.

In case something more permanent happens I have this:
How to let your online friends know you are not coming back.

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