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I can't watch Dexter since the relationships got so tangled and, frankly, dull. I have a real zombie trauma (Shaun of the Dead didn't really bother me though) and so will not watch Walking Dead - I don't care how many people rave about it.

How I Met Your Mother
is one of the few shows we'll all watch together and enjoy. It's Legen- wait for it...  Mike & Molly will do in a pinch, but there's not enough Swoozie. House - I love Hugh's work even when he repeats himself. Castle hasn't surprised me in a while, but I can now* watch Nathan reading the Yellow Pages and still be entertained. Hawaii Five-O... Book him Danno *smiles*.

No Ordinary Family
lasted 3 episodes until I gave up being bored on purpose. NCIS has had me loyal from the start because I'm not ashamed of my crush on Mr. Harmon and his dazzling smile and Illya Kuryakin made the little me want to be a spy. Not even Noth can make me watch The Good *Bloody Annoying* Wife. Raising Hope is better than most. Running Wilde was unwatchable, even if Serafinowicz is a wicked twitter. I have to watch Glee or run the risk of having no way of conversing with the offsprings (Blaine has made it even better). SGU rocks my world because Dr. Rush rocketh gallore (the fact I understand most of his arbitrary decisions has given me pause).

Modern Family
and Cougar Town - they go together in my head like some hybrid - makes for a chuckle and a half. Life is already dark enough so all the CSIs (though my admiration for Gary Sinise makes me feel guilty I don't watch CSI NY, but hey! internationals count for squat when it comes to ratings) and Criminal Minds are gone from my roster.

Big Bang Theory has lost some of its luster, but I still love Sheldon and so I stay true. I'm apparently too old to miss The Mentalist ** and wouldn't dare to because that Aussie makes me betray my love of gingers *sigh* for a blond. Community is a show I wait for all week with bated breath. I have plans of watching Fringe one day because a dear friend liked it a lot and I never bothered. The Office has not so much degraded as was edged aside - so no. Habit has kept Bones even though I really use the time to play Angry Birds and rarely pay attention. 30 Rock is the middle child's thing and so I dutifully watch even though Ms. Fey really rubs me the wrong way. The silver lining: Alec B. is still hot and, who knew, funny as hell. Outsourced I only watched a couple of times due to skin crawl-age. Nikita made me appreciate mullets and Peta a whole lot more. Supernatural is a show that constantly makes me wish for spoilers and/or the whole season right now! It's the show that comes remotely close to the level of devotion I had for BtVS. In case you're wondering...  Cas.

Doctor Who used to be a show my dearest [ profile] redeem147 talked about without me really getting it - until I did. So thank you darling. Even if the whole regeneration thing can be murder to a girl's heart.

QI is something I have been watching since it began and every single series makes me grateful. It was how I found the road to comics that are Brit and not Fry or Laurie. Not to mention it's a source of trivia I often employ when having to converse with people I have no affinity with whatsoever.

Craig Ferguson has made me laugh even when I thought there wouldn't be any reason to ever again. Good writer - a big compliment in my world.

The Soup feeds my puerile side admirably. The fact that I can't find it online has been a cause of frustration in the past.

I rarely watch them in order or assiduously. Except the ones that I am obviously keen on. I think that's it. All done now.

- dary.

* Not such a big fan when Buffy still had my attention.
** Community ref.

Date: 2010-12-07 05:47 pm (UTC)
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I love your list and your comments, Chen!


Date: 2010-12-08 04:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Happy to see you posting! I wish I had more comments but my lack of cable TV means no casual TV viewing. I'm completely 100% Supernatural obsessed so I just watch it over and over when I turn on the TV.

Glad you are enjoying the new season. :)

I'm thinking about doing a rewatch of the Peta Wilson Nikita. I remember enjoying it when it originally aired, but I was pretty young at the time. Wonder what I'd think of it now.


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