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I was supposed to be in Toronto, but am instead in NYC. I'm staying here long enough to see [ profile] rusty_halo and then I have stuff to do on the West Coast. People to meet in SF. Then I have family stuff to do in LA. Then I have to come back to NYC. Then go back home (yes, all the way back home), try to finally get my Canadian Visitor Visa, organize life, go see my mother in Rio, go back home and then come back to NYC to leave middle child in college and then, finally, back home.

I hate flying. I'm petrified every single time I get inside a plane. I'm going to be on 9 flights in the next 3 months. Granted, two of those are 50 minute flights, to which I thank the Lord wholeheartedly. Most people don't understand the sheer terror that takes over people like myself - we walk into those planes certain we're going to die. Fortunately, it's not so bad when I travel alone (I guess I'm fine with dying, just don't want my children to die), but I'm not traveling alone at all this summer.

G'd, Polly (the mini stuffed piggy [ profile] redeem147 gave me to keep me safe) and heart medication are the things that manage to let me board those planes. *sigh*

On to better things... Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart is an important, vital play.  That play should be performed in schools. People today, who didn't live through the craziness of the 80s don't really know how terrible AIDS was/is. I know this younger generation has become complacent when it comes to a disease that is still killing people every single day, a disease that still has no cure. I took my girls to see it and I could see the information hitting them like a mallet. We were all emotionally drained by the end of the play, but the girls wanted to stand by the stage door - it just meant so much to them. Lee Pace and Jim Parsons registered immediately with them, but they now also fell in love with JB Hickey (outstanding), Ellen Barkin (amazing), Patrick Breen (heartbreaking) and the force of nature that was Joe Mantello. When Lee Pace's character (City executive in the closet) describes the death of his lover... It felt like a hand reached in and twisted my guts. You feel pity, repulse, shame, anger...

Three weeks left. See it if you ever get the chance and if not, read it.

NYC and the marriage equality vote. What can I say? It looks good? Why people who pay their taxes and are citizens of a country can't get married and have to wait for legislation telling them they can - is beyond me. Nobody is telling the churches, temples, mosques, or whatever you call a place of worship, to allow it in their space. Ban all non closeted, not rich enough to make a substantial donation homosexuals from your worship centres. Go ahead. It's not like religion is known for its lack of prejudice against minorities (and women) or people who aren't them.

Spain, really Catholic BTW, is fine with it. Brazil - the biggest freaking Catholic country in the world where the level of homophobia is not to be believed (I've heard college educated, professional people who looked human say they would rather have a dead son than a gay son)! Brazil has civil unions!  It took us a decade, but...

Not in the USA. Sanctity of marriage. Then ban divorce. Though, I think without divorce, the fabric of society in the US would disintegrate... Better yet: committing adultery should then be punished by death or, at least, with some seriously heavy prison time. Isn't marriage sacred?

I know I'm preaching to the choir. It just makes me so angry. Some time ago I read a tweet (it's ok, laugh) that said "Kelsey Kramer married wife #4 today. David Hyde Pierce has been w/ the same man for ~25 years, but he can't get married."

Nothing against the repeated "triumph of hope over experience" thing Mr. Kramer has going, but damn.

I try not to write this much, but that play lit a fire in my belly. Night.

Date: 2011-06-23 09:09 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] usedtobeljs
Thanks for the play review, and thanks for being you, Chen. [hugs hugs]


Date: 2011-06-23 09:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You mean thanks for being the kind of person who can't sleep at night over the stupidity and cruelty to be found all around us? Awww... It's been a while since anybody says something nice about me. So, thank you.


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