Apr. 10th, 2011

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I read the (Daily) Mail Online. Some of you will shrug and think - big deal. Some of you know how shameful that is... I know. I just can't stop myself. I make sure to read The Guardian right afterward to rid myself of the stale taste of the right and mindless gossip from my mouth. Truth is I like to read about things I don't care about.

Doctor Who is coming back and that makes me happier than unagui sushi at the end of a bad day.

Hanna & Super are the only movies I'm remotely curious about. Until...

Thor comes along. The actor is the same guy who plays Kirk's father in the new, shinny version of my first love, Star Trek. I thought he was excellent then and I'm hoping Thor will not be a disappointment because hero movies make me happily spend money at the movie theatre.

I replied to a tweet today and then felt silly. I share my account with my youngest who doesn't tweet at all, but follows the Glee kids en masse. I never tweet. I just couldn't miss an opportunity of professing my undying crush on Eddie Izzard. Something about a smart, funny man in make up... Hugh Laurie spoiled it by playing House too long - Georgina is no more.

I can make sushi, rolls, tempura and misso easily, but am having a hell of a time learning how to clean and fillet fish for sashimi. So now I actually spend time practicing my knife technique.

Brenda Blethyn is one hell of an actress.

Young'un is a full fledged fangirl who now uses words like "shipping", "canon", "spoilers"... You know the drill. The cool thing is that she ships a same sex couple. I'm grateful to Glee.

I miss the Met, the theatre, the restaurants and Whole Foods. Hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] rusty_halo is also a highlight.

Anonymous. Film about how Shakespeare didn't really write the plays. *sigh*
Glass half full : Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson playing old/young Elizabeth.

I'm alive and doing the college thing with the middle child who is leaving this summer for life away from home. Two down, one to go.

TTY next month. *waves* Oh, btw, I tried watching Jersey Shore, but there's not enough vomit in the world.


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