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St. Patrick, Irish of Irish, was born in Scotland.

Another very Irish thing, the Blarney Stone, is also believed to be originally from Scotland.
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The shamrock was used by St. Patrick to explain the Trinity - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Trinity symbols are used in many different cultures and symbolise unity in diversity.
Celtic Irish - three Bridget's
Egypt - Osiris, Isis and Horus
Roman - Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto [sky, ocean and underworld]

Patrick was born as Maewyn Succat (Succat sounds like sucata, Portuguese for scrap metal). Patrick comes from the Roman patrician, or noble and a strange choice for one so humble.

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I tried to catch up on LJ - I really did. Unfortunately it seems I'm fighting a futile battle! I can't seem to hit previous often enough. So I apologize. I do. I enjoy reading LJs more than I can say and if I missed something important... sorry. I'm trying to be good and will read it more often from now on.

New Year stuff )

These are some of the things I'm including in mine (truth be told some of them have showed up on the list year after year after year...). Anything sounds familiar?

  1. Quit smoking. Ha!
  2. Eat healthy and keep weight in check. Merits another Ha!
  3. Exercise more. I won't bother with the Ha here...
  4. Be more organized.
  5. Worry less, be happy more.
  6. Learn to control my temper. (Shakes head in shame.)
  7. Learn to stick to a budget. Money - root of all evils when you don't have enough!
  8. Sit my ass down and start writing again - no matter how bad I am at it.
  9. Learn carpentry and plumbing. Don't ask... It's a thing.
  10. Be a better person to people in general, but specially to my loved ones. Ref to wish #6.

So - any of you have any wishes, hopes or/and got to dos for 2004 that you would care to share?

Just a couple of days to go people... Woo hoo!

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Whatever it is you are celebrating today - may it be full of laughter and enough joy to cary you for another year!
Life ain't easy, but it's certainly worth living it. I always say I'd rather admire the landscape than become a part of it.
Peace, love, orgasmic joy to all.
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All Hallows Eve, All Saints and Day of the Dead.
I call them a triumvirate of very twisted holidays.
You start with All Hallows Eve - or as we call it nowadays, Halloween. In spite of the Christian significance it has today (All Hallows Day meaning All Saints), it can actually be traced far back into Celtic Ireland and their celebration of the end of summer and of their new year - Samhain. I'm trusting it was a pretty pagan celebration. They believed that the spirits had a kind of free card on that night and were on the prowl looking for bodies to possess. Hence the tradition of people dressing up to look horrific. I mean, if you were a spirit with only one night to find a body to possess for the next year, would you choose one which looked like Freddy Krueger? The Celts agreed with you and tried their best to look undesirable. If you are one of those people who can't stand costumes - think about all those restless spirits looking for a nice body to inhabit. Perhaps that will provide you with enough motivation for next year.
The Catholic Church picked it up, along with a bunch of other stuff, from the Romans (who offered sacrifices on that day in order to give rest and peace to the dead). A Pope around the 7th century created the holiday (thus making it a staple of the Catholic calendar) in order to replace the pagan festival or as I call it, Christianize it.
All Saint's Day is pretty much still seen as a date to honor all the saints in Heaven and Earth. Yes, the Heaven. As I mentioned above, it was also the first day of the Celtic new year and the beginning of winter for them. It's a church going day to many still and a biggie for Catholics (don't forget this Pope really likes his saints - with all due respect).
In other parts of the world November 2 is the Day of the Dead and it is a big deal. In Mexico it's a day to party and there are skulls on every corner. It has become a tourist attraction of sorts, but the spirit behind it is sincere and true. In Brazil more flowers are sold than any other time of the year. People go to the cemeteries, clean and decorate graves and go to mass to remember and pray for their loved ones. It's also considered a bad omen to be born on this day. The curious thing is that on this day it's believed the dead can more easily bridge the gap between their world and ours - much on the original spirit of Halloween.
Three days. All honoring the dead one way or the other.
Curiosity: Where I come from Day of the Dead is also knows as St. Never's day. So when somebody says never here - it pretty much means November 2nd.

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Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday - costumes & candy! So I can't have the candy anymore, but I sure can wear a costume! Gotta love it!
I hope you all have a great Halloween!

Chen's Halloween Costume!


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