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I tried to catch up on LJ - I really did. Unfortunately it seems I'm fighting a futile battle! I can't seem to hit previous often enough. So I apologize. I do. I enjoy reading LJs more than I can say and if I missed something important... sorry. I'm trying to be good and will read it more often from now on.

New Year stuff )

These are some of the things I'm including in mine (truth be told some of them have showed up on the list year after year after year...). Anything sounds familiar?

  1. Quit smoking. Ha!
  2. Eat healthy and keep weight in check. Merits another Ha!
  3. Exercise more. I won't bother with the Ha here...
  4. Be more organized.
  5. Worry less, be happy more.
  6. Learn to control my temper. (Shakes head in shame.)
  7. Learn to stick to a budget. Money - root of all evils when you don't have enough!
  8. Sit my ass down and start writing again - no matter how bad I am at it.
  9. Learn carpentry and plumbing. Don't ask... It's a thing.
  10. Be a better person to people in general, but specially to my loved ones. Ref to wish #6.

So - any of you have any wishes, hopes or/and got to dos for 2004 that you would care to share?

Just a couple of days to go people... Woo hoo!


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