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Things that make me think of [info]redeem147

Shammi Kapoor

Actor, 80
by Bobby Ghosh

Long before Bollywood musicals became cool in the West, they were huge in the Middle East. Iraqi viewers in particular were nuts about Shammi Kapoor, the lovable rogue with the ants-in-his-pants dancing style. When I was TIME's Baghdad bureau chief, the best way to break the ice with people was to ask about "Shaami Kaboor," as the locals pronounced it. They'd grow misty-eyed and nostalgic; they'd recall their favorite scenes of his and shout "Yahoo!" — his signature line from Junglee.

In the summer of 2003, I was reporting from a village stronghold of Saddam Hussein loyalists. When a local colonel discovered that I worked for a U.S. magazine, he picked up his AK-47 and pointed it at my forehead.

"You American?" he shouted.
"I'm from India," I said, truthfully.
"No, you're American," he said again. "You will die."
Panicked, I blurted out, "I'm Indian ... like Shaami Kaboor."
"Shaami Kaboor? You know Shaami Kaboor?" the colonel asked.
"Of course," I said. "All Indians know him. He's a big star."
The colonel lowered his AK-47. He stepped back.
"I like Shaami Kaboor," he said. "I saw all his movies when I was young. What was it he used to shout?"
"Yahoo," I said.
The danger had passed. "You are lucky you're Indian," he said. "Otherwise you would be dead. You should thank God."

In my mind, there was no doubt about whom I should thank.

Ghosh is TIME's deputy international editor

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I read the (Daily) Mail Online. Some of you will shrug and think - big deal. Some of you know how shameful that is... I know. I just can't stop myself. I make sure to read The Guardian right afterward to rid myself of the stale taste of the right and mindless gossip from my mouth. Truth is I like to read about things I don't care about.

Doctor Who is coming back and that makes me happier than unagui sushi at the end of a bad day.

Hanna & Super are the only movies I'm remotely curious about. Until...

Thor comes along. The actor is the same guy who plays Kirk's father in the new, shinny version of my first love, Star Trek. I thought he was excellent then and I'm hoping Thor will not be a disappointment because hero movies make me happily spend money at the movie theatre.

I replied to a tweet today and then felt silly. I share my account with my youngest who doesn't tweet at all, but follows the Glee kids en masse. I never tweet. I just couldn't miss an opportunity of professing my undying crush on Eddie Izzard. Something about a smart, funny man in make up... Hugh Laurie spoiled it by playing House too long - Georgina is no more.

I can make sushi, rolls, tempura and misso easily, but am having a hell of a time learning how to clean and fillet fish for sashimi. So now I actually spend time practicing my knife technique.

Brenda Blethyn is one hell of an actress.

Young'un is a full fledged fangirl who now uses words like "shipping", "canon", "spoilers"... You know the drill. The cool thing is that she ships a same sex couple. I'm grateful to Glee.

I miss the Met, the theatre, the restaurants and Whole Foods. Hanging out with [ profile] rusty_halo is also a highlight.

Anonymous. Film about how Shakespeare didn't really write the plays. *sigh*
Glass half full : Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson playing old/young Elizabeth.

I'm alive and doing the college thing with the middle child who is leaving this summer for life away from home. Two down, one to go.

TTY next month. *waves* Oh, btw, I tried watching Jersey Shore, but there's not enough vomit in the world.
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But diamonds are a girls best friends"

My youngest calls Valentine's Single's Awareness Day. I told her good work with the name, but it can be Couple's Awareness Day just the same.

I remember a Valentine's I got a towel. Not a full set. Just the face towel. Then there are the ubiquitous red roses which I loathe. I don't like roses all that much, but understand the convenience of their availability. The kiss of death is making them red. Not charming white, not vibrant orange, happy yellow or delicate pink.

At least when you're single you don't have to worry about another gift that makes it clear your partner knows zilch about you. My new job, for the benefit of human kind, would be present adviser. Tell me how much you have to $ and grant me an interview. Voila! No crap present ever again.

I know somebody who would like this a lot... **me**

Hope you're all doing well and that this new app works. Kind of lame so far.

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My oldest is trying to make her way back to college way up north. I'm home, with the a/c on full blast feeling environmentally guilty, but unable to deal with the heat.

It has been a really trying couple of months. Coming to terms, yet again, with the reality that bad things happen to good people... Still, we endure.

Sorry for the lack of replies on the e-mail front... I do tend to go silent when I have the reds.

Having the oldest at home for a fortnight was both wonderful and painful - as is the case when grown children demonstrate that 1) they are no longer children 2) they are very much still your baby, no matter how mature they seem to be. I still got to tuck her in and, sue me, loved doing it.

I wanted to wish all of you a healthy, sadness free - with occasional bursts of pure joy - next 12  months. We can all use some bursts of pure joy. And more optimism. I do get a bit encouraged when I think that being a nerd now is in, when a mere 5 years ago it was quite a no-no. Comic books are being made into movies I can sit through feeling just a bit of horror and Star Trek is back in a tolerable manner. It didn't suck and I still get goosebumps when I hear the theme. And what about Dr. Who?

BTW - It must have been one of you... I'd like to thank for the James Marsters's DVD of TIoBE. Due to some post office snafu it had to be repackaged and there was no inkling as to who had sent it. 
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Paraty is undoubtedly a beautiful city. The solid colonial houses with high windows and frames painted in bright colours line cobblestone streets that have remained unchanged for the past 200 years. (Trust me, for Brazil 200 years is a very long time.) It’s a specially unique place full of peculiarities – about once a month, when the moon is full and the tide is high, the ocean floods the streets of the centre and for a short while the city becomes a tropical Venice, with makeshift bridges here and there for pedestrians. The locals like it that way.

Yes, I’m still here. Unfortunately, it won’t be for much longer. It’s time to go back home. I'll soon be off to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Next comes a business trip. Then I’ll take a deep breath (ie doctors) and prepare for the UK & Ireland trip. I was going to get a Britrail pass, but friends advised me to fly when necessary (Dublin - Edinburgh - London) and to rent a car when the need arises - promising it will be cheaper that way. I was sorely disappointed since I do enjoy trains and the rail system in the UK seems to pretty much go everywhere. I’m still planning on going to York by rail. So there.

Humph )

They are now getting ready for the religious Festa do Divino celebration that is going on here this week. There are white doves (The Holy Spirit) everywhere and, as they pass by my open windows on their way to the town square, I can see the locals all dressed in white carrying their blood red banners and hear the drums, horns and pandeiros warming up for the big parade.

I have to try and remember how to post photographs on my LJ so you can see it.

Just like I have and try to remember how to do LJ cut so I don’t end up with a way too long post.


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