Oct. 11th, 2005 04:34 am
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I started my day in decadent mode - I went to bed when people were leaving for work and woke up so late that lunch was a memory for most other mortals [5 whole hours!]. I had breakfast anyway. Or my version of it.

Then I got dressed and went to meet [ profile] rusty_halo at F&B (on 23rd and 8th-ish, it's my very favourite hot dog place) where we had the sweet potato fries. Then on to the very entertaining (and a bit sad, when you stop and think of the subject matter) signing for David Rakoff's book, Don't Get Too Comfortable. I had passed by B&N before I had left for Toronto and seeing the announcement for it on the window, thought it should make for an interesting evening. It did and I even got Canadian candy! I'm almost done with the book - it's one of those books one devours in one reading and then goes back for another ride soon after. (Apparently the director of Capote was there - Mr. Rakoff has a role in the movie.)

Gobo came next and we even got a table without waiting or/and without making reservations! Vegan food at its healthy yummiest and I still managed to get stuff that was fried.

It was too early to go home and so we went to a bar recommended to us by a gentleman we passed by in St.Mark's street. Burp Castle on 7th, with its monk covered walls and quiet, but friendly barman was a find - unfortunately they closed early. Which left us homeless and, because it was familiar, back at San Marcos. The music was loud (Fine, I did join in the Mercedes Benz sing a-long.) and there were mice. We left.

It was still too early. So we went in a bar we hadn't tried before for the second time in the same evening.

Ryan's Irish Pub had a young and nice crowd (they liked Bohemian Rhapsody, so they had to be cool) and we settled down to continue talking about the world, music and all the things you talk about when it's late enough at night (when your/my brain is completely awake). The barman was cool and left us alone after pouring me a Guinness.


On feeling threatened even when there's no obvious threat )

I hope that in writing this the nervousness will go away and I'll be able to sleep some. Tomorrow is another day and it's also when I say my farewells to the city and I don't want to waste time on ifs. I can just tell you that for now it irks me.
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Post signing Karaoke at the Fox & -some other animal. I was a good girl and didn't sing. Though [ profile] redeem147 serenaded me with Georgia On My Mind and then a total stranger sang That's Amore to me. I envy people who can sing and not shame the family name while at it. I love to sing and I do it often in the confines of my own room (except La Donna E' Mobile, now that L. said that I don't suck when I sing in Italian - and the other people in the metro car didn't bleed).

The signing was a bit on the stress side for me (in part due to temperature issues - Canada is frelling cold, dude - and in part due to the lack of common sense on the part of...), but meeting Mr. Gaiman again is always a pleasure. I mean no offence when I say I'm glad it is over and that I'll be on my way back to the girls (They are also back home by now and had expected me to be there waiting for them like a good mama. I wasn't and now they claim to *gasp* miss me.). I got the last of my things signed and now they are waiting to be packed along with the rest.

I hate flying - even for just an hour and change.

I'll be back in NYC tomorrow afternoon *sigh*. [ profile] rusty_halo want to have some lemonade (AKA Negra Modelo) at the usual place? Movies? Let me know. My phone (T Mobile) does not work here in Toronto, but I'm hoping it will behave when back in the USA.

So this is it. Tour of many cities is over. I'm a bit disjointed and a bit worn out, but happy I got to meet so many incredible people, see dear friends again and, basically, have a great time. (I'll also be grateful when I can sleep on my own bed again - ever so much.)
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To call today stressful would take an act of restraint beyond my reach at the present - and yes, I probably should look for my lost perspective at this point.

I did end up going out tonight for drinks (in my case lemonade) & tapas with A. after he complained I had neglected him when I was here last (a week ago when [ profile] rusty_halo and I painted the town a goth black) and that didn't suck. I found a store full of gypsy skirts I fell in love with (baby blue line) and that mitigated the turmoil raging in my bosom. Helped with the migraine too.

Operatic or not, the point is that reservations were screwed up and instead of being up north, chez [ profile] redeem147's, I find myself still in New York.

and I can't wish [ profile] elizard100 a Happy Birthday in person. Sorry, pet. IOU a hug & more.

I will do a recap of the trip - more for myself than for anybody else (only because I tend to think what is interesting to me will not, necessarily, be interesting to others) - but not today. It's late and the only reason I'm still up is because I did finally get my reservations straight for tomorrow and am too excited to sleep (I last saw [ profile] redeem147 in Vegas and that was way too long ago).

I do have to say that San Francisco left me both fascinated by its beauty and infuriated by its horrible, horrid and horrific traffic. Though I'm sure to forget the traffic and remember only the joy of eating a whole crab on my first night in the city down by the Fishermen's Wharf and how, when stopping for a bite at Boudin, I found out that my waiter was a grad student from back home and that I could speak my own language for some glorious, precious minutes. San Franciso was also where I read my first Jonathan Carroll novel, White Apples (I have no excuse for not doing that sooner). And I'll for sure remember the cable car rides and how I ended up getting on the same car so many times the guy greeted me as if I was an old friend (yes [ profile] rusty_halo, it seems I end up doing that everywhere) and tourists asked me for directions.

The last time I managed to get online I was on my way to Los Angeles, by way of Monterey (one week with basically 10 minutes of computer time and I survived!), but a number of mishaps made my fellow travelers and I turn back (superstitious or not, it was sort of bizarre to deal with: live deer, dead bloated deer [not in that order]; rosary broken; losing the exit and then getting lost, full stop, when Monterey sucked us in and would not set us free - in under 3 hours).

This also happened on the way to Monterey.
Would you have ignored the signs?

We turned and never looked back. Say goodbye to Hollywood, goodbye to my baby... and no West Hollywood Book Festival. Sniff. Oh and I had what could be classified as a total and complete exhaustion episode at this point (not to be confused with the boom goes the dynamite episode in the car when stuck for 4 hours in San Francisco traffic).

I leave you with some images. Those are worth a thousand words they say. As somebody who cherishes words, I'd beg to disagree - but not tonight.

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish )

Golden Gates )

The Strange and Unusual )

Half of Me )

Coreline? )

Here Lies Emperor Norton I )

MirrorMask )

And that's all she wrote. Letterman is long gone and now so must I. To bed.
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I have to say that I now have a crush on Diana Gabaldon. The woman is not only intelligent and incredibly funny - she manages to be attractive in a very Claire way (some of you will know exactly what I mean). But I think what really made me swoon was having her answer the question of why set the novel in Scotland in the first place and why that time period. "I was watching an old Doctor Who episode..."

Yes, my friends, we got men in kilts because Ms. Gabaldon was watching Doctor Who. [ profile] redeem147 would be able to tell you exactly which episode (the one where the Doctor picks up a new companion - a Scottish gentleman), but I'm ashamed to say I'm not that knowledgeable. Ms. Gabaldon also said that the idea of men in kilts held great appeal to her due to - The thought that you could be up against a wall with him in less than a minute - and this is an almost direct quote.

I wish I remembered the dirty limericks. Those were priceless.

And I really should call her Dr. Gabaldon. The lady has a PhD.


On other news, waiting for [ profile] rusty_halo to call back so we can finish working on the what, when and where (we already have the who and the why) for tonight. Last night we watched the 40 Year Old Virgin. I liked it enough to ignore the two asses kicking my chair. After yesterday's events an argument was the last thing I needed, so I let it go (hard to believe, eh?).

Question - didn't it disturb you that the message of the movie can easily be perceived as being: Don't have sex until you get married - even if it takes 40 frelling years! ? Maybe it was just me (I know [ profile] rusty_halo shared some of my views), but women who are sexually aggressive often seem to share the same fate as the guys wearing the red uniforms in Star Trek: doomed to be obliterated/suffer/die a horrible death/pay the price.

There's the door.


Sep. 25th, 2005 04:45 pm
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One tries to be nice. One gets bitten on the ass. There's a lesson to be learnt somewhere (don't be nice, ever?). I really should know better, but sometimes I too make errors in judgment.

And so, back in NYC a day before schedule.

I do have so much to share about the Book Festival. It was a thrilling experience for somebody like myself - John Irving right there in front of me - talking about his books and creative process. I still can't believe it was really the author of Hotel New Hampshire I saw there, wearing jeans and talking about how he can't really draw, but gave some lady in Amsterdam tattoos anyway (they were stars apparently).

Maybe tomorrow when I'm less upset.
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I'm in the apartment, nuking Lean Cuisine Supreme Pizza (my ancestors roll in their graves as I type this, I'm sure) and I realise that I better start packing - tomorrow I'm D.C. bound. It's the Library of Congress Book Festival and it's John Irving, Neil Gaiman (yes, again) and, I must confess, Outlander's Diana Gabaldon. D.C. is the National Portrait Gallery and my love for museums needs some nurturing - sadly neglected on this trip, it's been sulking in a corner, lamenting the state of the world. D.C. (or close enough you can drive there) is also the Renaissance Faire. Sue me, but I've never been to one and got pretty much stoked when told I could actually just... go there. I'm trying to get my thous and thees straight - fake Renaissance English is not my first language.

So that's the future - though what little details, brush strokes and colour Destiny will add to this particular painting, I do not know. *Sarah Bernhardt pose*

Does yesteryears mean yesterday? )

Something funny I came across reading LJ (and not even trying to catch up) - the benefit at CBGBs (Where most of the staff was less than pleasant, but hey... they are being evicted so perhaps that's why they basically ripped me off a ticket) was a really cool evening. When Mr. Gaiman started to read everybody was riveted - and I don't think it was only relief that it was finally his turn - and both the poem and the story were pretty frelling good. The new short story, How to Talk to Girls at Parties managed to be funny, scary, touching, and a autobiographical [story] full of lies. Mr. Gaiman has a good reading voice, but also knows how to act the parts out and we were all captivated by the story - one could almost hear a pin drop during the pauses the author made. 

But... wait, this is CBGBs! During the CMJ Music Marathon? How could it be so damn silent?! This is how!

We, there to hear the readings, would have been silent anyway - the story was just that good. It's very un-Ramones-y of me, but I'm glad they kept the bands "quelled".

photos courtesy of [ profile] coraline

And a [ profile] overheardinny moment of my very own!
Goth chick on St. Marks talking about punk rockers:
They spit and fart, but they are still sweet.


Sep. 21st, 2005 03:46 pm
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Or yumm... Lunch at the Zen Palate with [ profile] listener_m and [ profile] rusty_halo - it's around Union Square and the dishes have names like shredded heaven and rose petals. Great company, great lunch and, for all that is beautiful in this world, there was the green market and how good the smells there made me feel. It was like being back home, where you go to the open market in the morning to get the food you are cooking that day - everything smells green and earthy with different notes here and there (freesias, bread, gooseberry wine...).

Home to shower (Because NY is lovely, but also humid and strangely hot for this time of the year.) and then meet up later for Corpse Bride (the posters around the city are killing me - The Graceful Dead?!). I'm a Tim Burton fan. I've written posts singing his glories and counted the ways I love his work (and no, not even this fan managed to like Planet of the Apes). The Wonka movie had me conflicted - I liked the songs, I liked the oompa loompa(s) and I liked the sets. I even liked the story - but something was off. But who gives a rat's ass about any of that when I'm about to see Corpse Bride?! I know I don't. It has everything I'm bound to delight in: walking corpses in low cut dresses, Depp, murder and humour. I`m all aflutter.

BTW - How come it took me 39 years to find out what a fluffer really does!?

Edit: Beware what you lift from other LJs (this one from [ profile] myrddrr`s)...
If you know me from the BtVS stuff, you'll understand my horror when peek behind the cut )
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What's more disconcerting:

1) after telling a celebrated person your two schedules will coincide to the point where coincidences no longer dare dwell, he asks you a question with the word 'stalker' in it.


2) after days of speaking only English you start making the sort of language mistakes that cause people to a) question your sanity
b) to start undressing


3) that I hold a strange attraction for the taxi drivers in NYC

I can't decide.

What I do know is that I spent a sushi lunch talking to [ profile] coraline and [ profile] notshakespeare that was as delicious as the sashimi served. Saying bye to [ profile] coraline was made easier by the fact we got to hang out, talk and get to know each other a bit better than we had a chance to before - now she's not only Blue, but a whole bag of cool memories are attached to her and I can say, Remember that time we were in NY together and we... ? Which is always a cool thing to say when, like myself, you are not from around here.

As Blue left, [ profile] notshakespeare arrived in NYC for the signing of Anansi Boys (by Neil Gaiman). He was instrumental in getting me to show up early for an event that, had I been left to my own devices, I would have missed. I kid you not - at 4 PM the place was already packing for a 6 PM reading. I was more than content to waltz in at 5:30 PM, certain that I'd find a seat, not wait long in line and mambo out of there with my signed copies of the book that had filled me with anticipa..... tion (yes, one day I'll stop doing that). We arrived there to scope out the place on our way to Forbidden Planet (AKA Heaven on Earth) and never left. I had to make do with what passes for a cappuccino and resisted the double chocolate chunky chunked fudge cookie (question: how come cookies here are so gigantic?!) [ profile] notshakespeare gallantly offered to share.

Waiting usually blows, but this was a cool wait since we caught up with people I hadn't expected to see and others that, after only 3 days in the city, I was already sure would be there. And once our books were signed, some of us went to the brewery next door, where I tried every ale and lager of their list (not a great feat since there were only... was it 6? And I took each at half a pint only) while we waited for the others to make it through the long line and find their way there. It was sort of disappointing to me how positively sober I left that place. Then another bite at the Mexican place, then another beer at Laura`s and then, finally to bed. Soon.

BTW - When [ profile] rusty_halo and I passed by B&N around (was it midnight?) on our way from the brewery to the Mexican place on 2nd, we could see people still waiting for their signed copy of the book. Hours of signing one book after another after another after another. He may have the nicest fans, but I`m sure it does have to do with how nice he is himself.
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I never knew what the guy yelling after me was going to say. It probably would have to do with Jesus - lately a lot of people are blaming the coming of the Messiah for a whole bunch of things that are most probably nature doing what nature does and the ineptitude of human beings.

Or perhaps the gentleman calling after me at midnight, down 24th St. wanted to warn me, a la War of the Worlds, that aliens are coming down 9th Avenue so I should hurry up, lest they catch me.

Or... It could be he was talking to somebody else and I'm swimming in my own little pond of beer paranoia.

Let me see - These last days have been fun. I`ve seen people I hadn't seen in a long time. I've hugged, kissed and talked way too much these last days (in the good form that 'way too much' can take). Honestly, I don't *think* I talk too much - but I do notice that I have a tendency to try to take over conversations and lead the witness. I blame it on the whole only girl in the family deal and I'm sticking to that story.

[ profile] rusty_halo btw is a magnificent listener. Seriously, awards should be given. She heard me whine about the strenuous task of writing about something I love - writers, traveling and how is it to jump from city to city to city - and didn't scoff or mock and instead patiently pointed out all the cool things about doing 4 cities in 3 weeks. What concerns me is that it has already started to show how much I miss the three little (and not so little) people who I left back home. Hopefully they don't miss me as much and will do what they usually do when I'm off doing stuff - write e-mails sporadically that contain long lists of things that they would like me to get them. These things cover the whole spectrum - from Psycho Girl T-shirts to comics for the young'un - if I went through the whole thing I'd do nothing else but shop.

And I have things I actually have to do this time.

I'm tired enough now that all the noises I'm not used to will not keep me awake.

Night to you.

BTW - I'm going to have the sign above my desk back home - the one that says Writers Write - framed. So very true and I keep hearing it repeated by all sorts of people, therefore it must be true.


Sep. 17th, 2005 08:06 pm
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My body feels like things have crawled out of some gothic novel and taken residence.
Every part seems off and worn out.
Four extra hours waiting for an airplane can do that to you?

Longest line ever at immigrations.
Whine. Whine. Whine.

I made it in one piece.

Now am watching the Trekkie doc (telly). Captain Kirk is from Iowa? Now they have a parade there and somebody got their ears operated so he could have Vulkon ears all the time. The real thing he called it.
Gotta love Sci-Fi.

Wilting fast. To bed.
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Thermacare rocks - that's what I have learned after my back decided to act up here in NY. I'm about to face a 9 hour flight and the only thing keeping me from despair is my pack of Thermacare.
Okay - so I feel like crying anyway. I didn't do half of the things I wanted to with my back being a pain (no lame pun intended). I spent most of my time here watching the telly and eating things that tasted good, but really screwed up with my blood sugar. I will be good once I get back.
I love New York. I love the fact there are actual seasons going on (the leaves are doing that autumn thing now) and that I can walk almost everywhere I want to go to. Most of all? I love not being different. Here you can wear whatever you want and my habit of singing out loud in the street (sometimes accompanied by impromptu twirls) doesn't even get a second look.
For you people who are lucky enough to live here: appreciate it! I sure have a bit of envy going.
So on to the airport and to that blasted plane.
Wish me luck.


Oct. 6th, 2003 05:15 pm
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My e-mail is not really working all that great. It took me a number of refreshing hits to make this page load. *sigh* People who don't depend on computers for much have a way of not keeping their machines up to date, don't they?
I am stuck with a computer that predates pentium for all I know.
So if you are trying to contact me - the e-mail addy is still your safest bet. It wasn't hacked into, but it seems this damn machine takes way to long to send the password info so I kept getting wrong password.
I miss my fast computer... SO much.
Still NY is gorgeous and the days are rushing by. I had a great time visiting with [ profile] villagechick and wished I could have stayed longer. [ profile] drinkthepoisonx - if you are out there, tell me if you are free this week!
I have to go hunt for food now. I found a veggie hot dog place close by and am totally addicted.


Sep. 29th, 2003 07:56 pm
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Sitting by windows and watching people. I have done this before, in many different places. Sometimes I go back, like NY, and it's a good feeling to say hello to the shaggy dog that lives in the apartment across the street (two windows to the left). It always sits on a big brown couch while its owner types away at the computer. A building down, there's a woman who leaves the telly on when she leaves for work. I'm guessing she has a small dog or cat and doesn't want it to feel lonely. It's all very Rear Window, minus Jimmy and Grace (or murderous salesman for that matter).
I find myself by a lot of windows - what with my nasty ciggie habit and the way I hate how an apartment smells if you have one too many fags in it. I'm one of those smokers who doesn't like the way it smells, tastes or stains my fingers and teeth. What can I say? I'm what those health class videos warn children about. I cough in the morning and curse the day I picked up my first Marlboro.
That was in Italy, too long ago for my lungs. I started window sitting then. Except it was the roof. An old fashioned one at that on the Via de' Pepi. It was on the street of the city's temple and I used to see people going on to worship. I also saw one of those things one only sees in movies: a fight between lovers where he was downstairs begging for forgiveness; she was upstairs, throwing all his belongings out of the window. From what I could hear - he deserved it.
I like watching people - no malice or peeping tom to it. I just find them interesting.
I have to say, even when the world sucks, people never cease to amaze me. In a good way.
Chen sitting by the light
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My fears for once were justified. This *was* the flight from hell. The plane shook so much I was jumping on my seat. I mean people were gasping and we were all awake while I was proven right: flying is for the birds.
But am home. Smoked my first ciggie after 13 hours without one. Tired as hell, but I do have a meeting in 5 hours so no use trying to sleep.
Okay - will stop the whine. Just glad to be alive.
The con blues are finally hitting with a vengeance and I felt like just turning the cab around and heading to the nearest ticket counter (okay maybe I could take a ship up there) and coming back. There is Sunnydale Central in Toronto, the Vulkon thing seems to be going to happen in October... I want to see my friends again. Sniff.
Not to mention they overfed my Willow cat and now he-she is so damn fat. Are there aerobics for kittens?
Okay - enough for now. I really should go and have fun unpacking and doing laundry. Woo hoo... Right. Did I mention that holidays should go on forever?
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Leaving on a jet plane. Dunno when I will be back again (okay, probably November), baby feel so lonely (scared of flying) I could cry.
Wish me luck. I hate flying with a passion. See you guys when I get to Brazil.
Chen shaking the light
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Yes, I am that bored and will not write con reports because:
1) Lazy here.
2) Better people have done it and I would just be repeating what they said.
3) I'm still processing the whole 3 cons in a row thing.

So I go and check my e-mail instead and nada. Nothing really interesting - or if there is, it's pretty much buried deep in the rubble of posts and spam about pills that'll enlarge an appendage I was born without.

Do you know the joke about the teacher who asked her class what in the human body, when stimulated, could grow up to 7 times its original size?
The girl in the front row blushes furiously and can't bring herself to answer.
The teacher shakes her head and tells the mortified girl: "You're in for a big disappointment, hon. It's the pupil."
So I can't tell a joke. Sue me. :-p

What have I done since I got back from Tampa? In case you're not interested, but would like to take some odd personality tests - scroll to the bottom of the entry.

Well... I went to the movies and saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sorry, but it sucked. I'm a Bond & SC fan, watched Nikita so PW is also a fave and am totally partial to stories involving vampires and other oddities. But it sucked. Bad editing. Bad script - which I could have overlooked if the action scenes had been better done. And we are not talking about somebody who has trouble with suspended disbelief.
Didn't want to dislike it.
I was so happy when Shaddyr told me she had liked it (the reviews weren't very forgiving)... So I went in *wanting* to like it. Couldn't. I hope it does well enough that they do a sequel that will prove that all they had to do was work out the kinks. I would spoil you about the end. But will not. Even a spoiler ho has a code.

Then I went to the zoo. The Bronx Zoo to be more precise. It rained. A. Lot.
[thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening]
I had fun anyway with all the tigers and the whole Congo experience. I never claimed maturity, my dears. I was disappointed I didn't get to ride the monorail thingy and tour Asia - the thing runs on electricity and the wusses at the zoo said electrical trains and lightning are unmixy things.

I thought the kid stuff was getting too much so decided to do something more age appropriate (don't ask, don't tell policy works here, btw) and went to an amusement park. Will *not* go into details of how I embarrassed myself in the Haunted House, suffice to say it was a deafening experience.
Another peeve... Why in the hell do they always - and I mean always - stop the ferris wheel when it is windy and I'm in the cart that is all the way at the top of the bloody wheel?!? I just dangled there while flashes of all the movies where people die in ferris wheels flashed before my eyes.
It was very windy. I was very not happy.
The fireworks made up for it though. After the whole 4th of July thing in NYC I thought it would be lame, but it was quite cool!

>Tip of the day: if you are scared of heights, don't try to look brave. Keep your feet on the ground.<

I really should get out of the apartment, but I'm practicing the sin of sloth today. I'm, after all, one of those people who landed in the 7th Circle of Hell when I took the stupid online Dante's Inferno quiz. It was deserved. I sat down and thought about the whole deadly sins thing and am not too guilty of only pride, greed and envy. Sloth, wrath, gluttony and (definitely) lust are my downfall. I actually landed so deep in hell because I said some people *do* deserve to die (oops!). Wrath was my undoing.

Speaking of lame online tests... Emode keeps me busy.
Social&Double-Crosser... What a combo! )
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New York City, NY.
10 Ave. & 24st W.
Chelsea Commons bar.
July 25th, 2003.
Starting around 6 PM.
Buffy. Spike. Cons.
Con pictures welcome.
Buffy talk encouraged.
See you there.
Chen dancing around the light to the beat of the drums
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Made it back - safe and sound. All pieces accounted for. Now will drag my not so little behind to the movie theater. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sean Connery. What can I say? I love an accent!
To Laura and other NY area dwellers - the meet up is on this Friday - on 10th avenue (close to 24th St.) the name of the place is Chelsea Commons. Can't miss it. I think we said 6-7 PM. All BtVS fans welcome. Spread the word
Chen like a moth taking to the light
P.S. Will try to AIM later
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As I sit here and contemplate my AIM with "no buddies online" - I am not freaking out about "where in the bloody hell has everybody gone". I pretty much know where... TAMPA!

I unpacked last night (from Toronto Trek - and ASH is one charming, giggling man) and am now in the process of smelling my clothes so I can pack the least smelly ones (have I mentioned I suck at laundry?)for Tampa.

I registered for it a year ago - upon returning from Shore Leave - and now the time has finally come. Bring out the bloody 76 trombones! So I'm all full of antici.... pation. Hoping for the fun - knowing I will finally meet people I have been dying to for the longest time (Lori and Cathy come to mind); seeing old friends again... It's all good. All I have to do now is make it through the flying in the sky bit and Florida here I am!

Wish me bon voyage.

Chen leaving the light on so she can pack
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I'm in NY, but after yesterday... My feet are covered in blisters. So walked to the nearest movie theatre and watched T3. The movie sucked btw, Simbad would have been better. Now I'm willing the time away watching the Wizard of Oz and taking online tests. This one is cute... give it a try if you have the time (takes a minute really). I wish that Sunny Orange was really me. I thought I would get something with coffee in it - since I am a bit on the wired side. But anyway... NY rocks and the fireworks were absolutely amazing!
Chen loving the light

Sunny Orange

Your sunny disposition and happy-go-lucky attitude are the kinds of traits everyone loves to have around. Our bet is you're known as the chief supporter in your clan. If there's a bash to throw, you're likely the first one on the horn. If there's a crisis at hand, you can usually be counted on to rally the troops. Easy to talk to and fun to be around, you have a gift for blending perfectly no matter what the situation.

This positive energy extends beyond good times into every other aspect of your life. Whatever your career path or goals, your natural ability to win people over and communicate ideas with enthusiasm are two key secrets to your success. The same glass-half-full attitude that makes you a fab friend will work its magic in the workplace. And in the world of business, those kinds of good vibes are always refreshing.
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