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A couple of things reaped in the night. Both from the always interesting and at times even amazing Jonathan Carroll blog.

If you don't write your books, nobody else will do it for you. No one else has lived your life.
- Jose Saramago

[Saramago's variant of the 'Writers, write.' maxim.]

I had a strange conversation the other day with a writer who said something that has stuck in my mind ever since. He asked if I ever thought about people who died who had read my books while they were alive. I looked to see if he was serious and he plainly was. No, I never thought about that, I answered half-skeptically.
Well then consider this (he said): If there IS an Afterlife then they took your stories with them. In other words, your work is OVER THERE now. Maybe that will have some kind of effect.
On who?
Who knows? You? Your life? What will happen to you after you die...
And then he changed the topic.
- CarrollBlog 11.8

The first one is truer than true, though, after reading yet another disposable autobiography [not by choice] I'm grateful not everybody does it.
The second quote? It's food for thought, isn't it? Think about it, my fellow scribe... All those hours of dedication, all those hours obsessing about the perfect word [What? Only I do that?!] could literally [no pun intended] change things over there.

It's time for the rest of the world to wake up and it is finally Friday - always a good thing.
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This from The Guardian:

The Middle way
By Sarah Crown

--One for the Tolkien geeks out there (among whom, naturally, I count myself). Dr Henry Gee – senior editor of biological sciences for Nature magazine, no less – will be talking about his new book, The Science of Middle-earth, in the hallowed surroundings of the Natural History Museum, at 12 noon and 2.30pm this Saturday and Sunday. Gee, whose book was given the thumbs up by Alok Jha in Life, is unable to answer all the questions thrown up by Tolkien's universe (according to Jha, Gee "has no idea how the ring could make wearers invisible, but can explain why it seems to have a mind of its own, thanks to the latest thinking in string theory"), but will no doubt deliver an entertaining lecture.

Ever wanted to know how it is that elves can see so far, how orcs reproduce or whether or not balrogs really have wings [If anybody finds out, please, please do share]? Then this is for you. Anonymity guaranteed.--

To be able to attend it... I wish, I wish, I wish. Maybe if I click my heels three times?


I always had a soft spot for George Orwell because of his >defence< of my beloved P.G. Wodehouse after Wodehouse's German broadcast during WWII, but for some reason he never counted as one of my favourites. I was made to read 1984 and Animal Farm at school and did like both well enough (and politically he fits like a glove), but it wasn't until I got a volume of his collected essays that I learnt to fully appreciate the man who coined the term Cold War.

All of this to say that reading Orwell today I found this quote - it's as relevant today as it ever was:

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
Why I Write - George Orwell

Yes, I'm horrid.


Have a deliciously Wilde and daring weekend.
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BBC America will be premiering the third season of Wire in the Blood on Mondays at 9:00 pm (ET/PT) starting April 11, 2005 as part of their "Mystery Monday" programming block.

Books )

My house's population this last week doubled due to back to back slumber parties and I found out that while nine year olds surprise and delight me, the fifteen year olds just bore me with the constant concern for the level of frizz wrestled out of their hair and the eternal question: will he call?

Is this what I burnt my bra for? To guarantee the next generation the right to worry about how they look and if the cute boy will call? The little voice is telling me yes, as long as the pay is equal.

The other voice is saying: remember Mileva Maric, girls. You don't even know who she was, do you? *sigh* My point exactly.

I'm stuck here for another couple of weeks and I have to say not doing a thing agrees with me so far. No, not really, but I'm trying to be bloody gracious.


Mar. 7th, 2005 09:24 pm
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I was going hastily over the posts I have missed since my last online excursion and saw the whole fanfic thing. I too used to write fanfic. I was never embarrassed by it - not by the early Spuffy (only a couple) and never by the slash. I Mary Sued in a series and was glad of it. Fanfic is how I met [ profile] redeem147 and most of the other folk from BAPS and then in the Gutter and Salvation (not to be confused for a born again message).

Colleen, with her infinite kindness, took me under her gentle wings and encouraged me to write. I lovingly blame her for all the inadequate slash I spewed*. The woman is extraordinary in all senses. One story a day for a year. Sometimes even two. Passionately against my lovely Wes and not in hate with Angel like I, once upon a time, was. I don't love easily, life is too short to waste such a precious commodity on just anybody - but it's easy to love Colleen. Through thick and thin - sick and sin.

I wanted to go on and write about the gifts of Mistress Lori, [ profile] ljs, and the lovely ladies at London Calling. How Lori has brought me so much joy with her writing (style, verve, lushness, humour) and how Ganya in her universe gained layers any author would be proud of - her characters are veritable onions! I would sing Laura's (our [ profile] rusty_halo) praises to a cloudless spring sky and how her archive is a wonderful labour of love (even if, or perhaps because, none of my fic can be found there). Or bow to [ profile] chrisjournal of writercon and Sandlot fame, who I'm in awe of... Chris is La Serenissima and she's quite a woman.

Unfortunately, I really can't take sitting down any longer and should take my sutured self to bed. I just enjoyed the flashback to pre-Hellmouths and Chuck is horrid times (first person to ever make it to the straight to bin filter). I met some amazing people and learnt a hell of a lot.

So long, and thanks for all the fic.

*Colleen bravely resisted any advances on my part, I must say.
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Songs that manage to lift me up even when I'm down in the dumps.
Going into a cool air-conditioned place after being out in the heat.
Rushing to meet someone I like and haven't seen in a long time.
Spending the day at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.
Letters. Actual letters written on paper and by snail mail.
When people come together and help each other.
Odd coincidences I pretend are good omens.
Video marathons curled on the couch.
Reading the NY Times on Sundays.
Kissing until my toes curl in joy.
Wetting my feet in fountains.
The wind blowing my hair.
Phish Food ice cream.
Long train trips.

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Mar. 31st, 2003 01:42 am
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Starting to think about Spike. Yeah, I know we all do that. I mean, starting to think about who Spike is and what makes him tick. I want to understand him in order to finish the fan fic I'm still writing with Kelly.
To write this I did massive research and hoped I was a better writer. Will not waste time on my limitations as a writer, but will go ahead and do my best. With the show ending I really will take some time off. This could be my swan song for all I know.
On the video front - finished Human (Pretenders), but for one damn clip I need. Will wait for that and then start work on Fighting On the Same Side (The Hooters). Videos are fun to do and that is the reason I started them.
Well that is it for now... been in a weird mood and going from Zen to rant these past few days over spin offs and the move to Angel of our boy. Not happy about that. At. All. Not going to go there now though. Because once I start, it takes a while for me to stop.
Anyway... RL is too much of a scary place right now, so I'm glad to still have all things Buffy to escape to.

Going back to where I started: thinking brought me to My version of Spike's thoughts on heroes )

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