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It's cruel and unusual punishment to make us wait until summer is over. Until then we now know who River is. The only water in the forest is the river.
So many technical questions at this point, but.. you know... Spoilers!
I loved his smile at the end. Though not so much in love with the teaser. I'm going to do my happy dance now.

Edited: I forgot, in my excitement, to mention how much I loved, loved the Victorian Silurian Lesbian and Jenny, her companion. I can't tell you how much it would rock to see them again.
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F*#k me and flip me over!
Where IS my Wife...
I think I love this show.

Two posts in one day... I'll go now.
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I'm in the apartment, nuking Lean Cuisine Supreme Pizza (my ancestors roll in their graves as I type this, I'm sure) and I realise that I better start packing - tomorrow I'm D.C. bound. It's the Library of Congress Book Festival and it's John Irving, Neil Gaiman (yes, again) and, I must confess, Outlander's Diana Gabaldon. D.C. is the National Portrait Gallery and my love for museums needs some nurturing - sadly neglected on this trip, it's been sulking in a corner, lamenting the state of the world. D.C. (or close enough you can drive there) is also the Renaissance Faire. Sue me, but I've never been to one and got pretty much stoked when told I could actually just... go there. I'm trying to get my thous and thees straight - fake Renaissance English is not my first language.

So that's the future - though what little details, brush strokes and colour Destiny will add to this particular painting, I do not know. *Sarah Bernhardt pose*

Does yesteryears mean yesterday? )

Something funny I came across reading LJ (and not even trying to catch up) - the benefit at CBGBs (Where most of the staff was less than pleasant, but hey... they are being evicted so perhaps that's why they basically ripped me off a ticket) was a really cool evening. When Mr. Gaiman started to read everybody was riveted - and I don't think it was only relief that it was finally his turn - and both the poem and the story were pretty frelling good. The new short story, How to Talk to Girls at Parties managed to be funny, scary, touching, and a autobiographical [story] full of lies. Mr. Gaiman has a good reading voice, but also knows how to act the parts out and we were all captivated by the story - one could almost hear a pin drop during the pauses the author made. 

But... wait, this is CBGBs! During the CMJ Music Marathon? How could it be so damn silent?! This is how!

We, there to hear the readings, would have been silent anyway - the story was just that good. It's very un-Ramones-y of me, but I'm glad they kept the bands "quelled".

photos courtesy of [ profile] coraline

And a [ profile] overheardinny moment of my very own!
Goth chick on St. Marks talking about punk rockers:
They spit and fart, but they are still sweet.
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I watched it. I had to do a thing on being a new fan, so I watched it. I didn't think I could write it without actually watching the finale.

It was... painful.

I'll learn to love the new Doctor, but it was CE who introduced me to that universe and, unlike in real life, I can be v. sentimental.


On Mr. Gaiman's blog a while ago (here) he was talking about comics as an art form and how Clive Barker said:

Now, I get an emotional effect from 60% of the movies that I see. That's a very conservative estimate, it's probably nearer 85%; very seldom do I walk out of a movie and say, "That was a total waste of time." The way I view comics (and this is not a pejorative) you can't do that [i.e. stimulate an immediate emotional response].

It immediately made me think of two comics: V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and The Sandman's Gilbert and Rose story. The first one made me not only cry, but it engaged me in a way that haunted me long after I had finished the story. With Gilbert and Rose (who is my favourite Sandman character, btw) it was another sort of emotion... The convention of serial killers scared the hell out of me and gave me some horrid nightmares (Disneyworld will never be the same - ever).

I think that, like any medium that has to engage its audience on some sort of emotional level, it all comes down to how good the material is. Bad movies will only elicit one reaction from me: the regret I can't a) have that couple of hours of my life back and b) the wish I hadn't coughed up the money for it and did what most of the population does: checked it out on the internet first. And I'm sorry to say, most of them are what I call awful.


I just realised I've only had the television on when I want to watch DVDs and that has been going on for days. The last movie watched, >Shaolin Soccer< (a previous creation of Stephen Chao of >Kung Fu Hustle< fame that had been shelved for some time), was much fun - if not particularly brilliant - but I'm a sucker for martial arts and like to laugh... so I was happy. I have Shattered Glass and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead lined up for the next days (I've been following Mr.Owen since the BMW >Hire< things and Croupier).

I do have to start working soon, but not yet.
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Dead Like Me made its way down to perpetual bad hair due to humidity land and I'm loving it! Why would I identify with a girl called Georgia, who goes by George, with a serious bitch-with-chip case going, but really more compassionate than you'd have guessed and who feels like the universe has way too much fun toying with her (un)life?
I have no idea. Really!
Joan of Arcadia - Don't shoot me, but I'm a sucker for the whole G'd has a mission for you theme. The actors are beyond good and I just love it, love it, love it. I'm glad Joan is not giving much thought to what happened to the other Joan. I'll just mention how glad I am the Inquisition is over.
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has also just started. I like it, but not in love with it. Yet. I only saw one show so far and I did like it when I caught some of it in NY. It should appeal to the gay man in me big time. It's just that it makes me wonder if all single guys out there live in pigsties! I'm messy, but there is no new civilization growing on food left under my bed... not to mention the box of kleenex and lotion that was right by that.
Sing with me: His penis has diseases from a Chumash tribe...
I know. EWWW!
AtS is still all about D-Beast here and I will not go through that stupid reset your whole story 'cause Cordy is now evil (and dresses like a skank) again. I'm back to having to dl the new season. At least I get to catch glimpses of Spike when they let JM do some acting.
Shows I'm getting down here and wish I wasn't?
Joe Millionaire - or AKA let's all be hos on television. Their parents must be proud.
American Idol - the American version... and I know Reuben won, but Clay is making all the money. Why would they think people down here would care?
Tarzan - My heart has enough room for one blond and one blond only. And my blond can actually act.
OC - The pain of Dawson's Creek wasn't enough?!
Skin - Shakespeare stopped rolling in his grave over what is done to his plays a long time ago. I just changed channels.
And finally the bottom of the barrel:
Coupling US - It has been canceled in the US (6 eps too many, btw) - but not before it being bought stopped the real Coupling. I did sit through the first episode and hated every minute of the very badly done, obviously inferior imitation. Maybe it's the whole Puritan thing the US has going (no offense!) and the actors seemed to be straining during every minute they spent talking about sex (which is all they do in Coupling - so you can see what a biggie we have here). They even managed to make Jeff sound idiotic - instead of hilariously idiotic (porn buddies is funny!). I shudder to think what they'd do if they got their hands on Manchild.

I just want Amazing Race to start again and save me!

Chen and the flickering light from the box


Oct. 26th, 2003 01:08 am
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It wasn't enough to lose.
They had to play New York, New York.
I'm not pleased.
At all.
Sorry for the Florida people out there.
Nothing personal.
But... My heart is breaking.
This really, really sucks.
Chen - Yankees's Fan
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The Spike ref is intentional. Today I take my little tushik over to watch Angel (The irony of me actually looking forward to an Angel episode is not lost on me - I just call it the Spike Show in my mind.) [ profile] drinkthepoisonx was kind enough to invite me over (Have I mentioned how the LJ crowd rocks? [ profile] villagechick had me over last week and now this. You guys are so nice!) to watch the episode and I'm as psyched as someone who had her heart broken by the soul thing and the sinking of the cookie dough ship can be (Human Spike ::spit:: is where I draw the line. Seriously).
So hopping into the shower.
Hope you all enjoy the show.
Chen telling Spike NOT to go into the light

Poor Clem!

Sep. 15th, 2003 10:05 am
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Colleen got back online and sent me this. I thought it was too funny, though I don't think being compared to dear Clem should be an insult.
P.S. I resent the whole looser morals thing. Clem is a good demon. Under all those wrinkles beats a decent heart. Or two.

Clem & Headlines

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I know - only a tv show. But I go through hell to see the Amazing Race and my boys won!
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New York City, NY.
10 Ave. & 24st W.
Chelsea Commons bar.
July 25th, 2003.
Starting around 6 PM.
Buffy. Spike. Cons.
Con pictures welcome.
Buffy talk encouraged.
See you there.
Chen dancing around the light to the beat of the drums
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Made it back - safe and sound. All pieces accounted for. Now will drag my not so little behind to the movie theater. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sean Connery. What can I say? I love an accent!
To Laura and other NY area dwellers - the meet up is on this Friday - on 10th avenue (close to 24th St.) the name of the place is Chelsea Commons. Can't miss it. I think we said 6-7 PM. All BtVS fans welcome. Spread the word
Chen like a moth taking to the light
P.S. Will try to AIM later
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As I sit here and contemplate my AIM with "no buddies online" - I am not freaking out about "where in the bloody hell has everybody gone". I pretty much know where... TAMPA!

I unpacked last night (from Toronto Trek - and ASH is one charming, giggling man) and am now in the process of smelling my clothes so I can pack the least smelly ones (have I mentioned I suck at laundry?)for Tampa.

I registered for it a year ago - upon returning from Shore Leave - and now the time has finally come. Bring out the bloody 76 trombones! So I'm all full of antici.... pation. Hoping for the fun - knowing I will finally meet people I have been dying to for the longest time (Lori and Cathy come to mind); seeing old friends again... It's all good. All I have to do now is make it through the flying in the sky bit and Florida here I am!

Wish me bon voyage.

Chen leaving the light on so she can pack
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Just a little ditty... a ranty one. I have stopped the reading of lists and of any fics (with rare exceptions) for a while now.
One would think it has something to do with the show (the ending, plot holes, killing of my favorite characters… No, not Amanda), but no. It has a lot more to do with fandom.
I was a total virgin when it came to fandom – as most of you have heard me say a million times… one-man woman here. It has been all about Spike for me. This was my first and (Oh PLEASE Lord!) my last brush with it.
I found some really cool people in my Spike related lists - people who put up with my rants, my unique way of expressing my opinions and other kinks of my own personality. I felt at home and happy, but quickly learnt that there is no home... At least not for long and not for somebody like me. I guess I have only myself to blame... I am fiercely loyal to my friends - online and RL ones. I am also, unfortunately, very much anti-bullshit. And bullshit is so rampant in this fandom that one has to learn to move at the speed of lightning to avoid it. It is everywhere and it comes in many forms.
So here it goes. Anyone who has been around long enough knows about the backstabbing, getting inexcusably personal in posts that should be about a show and not about the poster, the gossip online and (oh lord) at cons and other little things one encounters where humans dwell. We talk (yes, myself included – no saint here) and whisper and most of the time it is in good fun and no harm is done. But what when it is? What when the talk hurts people? What about when people, using the fact they are hiding behind some stupid handle, forget basic civil behavior and go for the jugular over a freaking FICTIONAL character and hurt somebody else?
So quick to attack, judge and dispense punishment. It would be pathetic if people weren’t being trampled on in the process. I myself can’t give a rat’s ass about what people say about me. I have the few people I call friends and basically only their opinion matters to me. When I did read the lists, sometimes I would sit back and think to myself: This can only be about power. Yeah, FE!Buffy quote here. People get some and watch it! as it corrupts. Much.
Secret lists. Please?!
I made a vow not to be too explicit to what brought on this particular rant. So I won’t. But it is my heart’s desire that all the holier than thous out there take a good look in the mirror because what goes around – does comes around.

Chen basically kicking the light out


Mar. 31st, 2003 01:42 am
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Starting to think about Spike. Yeah, I know we all do that. I mean, starting to think about who Spike is and what makes him tick. I want to understand him in order to finish the fan fic I'm still writing with Kelly.
To write this I did massive research and hoped I was a better writer. Will not waste time on my limitations as a writer, but will go ahead and do my best. With the show ending I really will take some time off. This could be my swan song for all I know.
On the video front - finished Human (Pretenders), but for one damn clip I need. Will wait for that and then start work on Fighting On the Same Side (The Hooters). Videos are fun to do and that is the reason I started them.
Well that is it for now... been in a weird mood and going from Zen to rant these past few days over spin offs and the move to Angel of our boy. Not happy about that. At. All. Not going to go there now though. Because once I start, it takes a while for me to stop.
Anyway... RL is too much of a scary place right now, so I'm glad to still have all things Buffy to escape to.

Going back to where I started: thinking brought me to My version of Spike's thoughts on heroes )

Chen blinking at the bright lights


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