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Things that make me think of [info]redeem147

Shammi Kapoor

Actor, 80
by Bobby Ghosh

Long before Bollywood musicals became cool in the West, they were huge in the Middle East. Iraqi viewers in particular were nuts about Shammi Kapoor, the lovable rogue with the ants-in-his-pants dancing style. When I was TIME's Baghdad bureau chief, the best way to break the ice with people was to ask about "Shaami Kaboor," as the locals pronounced it. They'd grow misty-eyed and nostalgic; they'd recall their favorite scenes of his and shout "Yahoo!" — his signature line from Junglee.

In the summer of 2003, I was reporting from a village stronghold of Saddam Hussein loyalists. When a local colonel discovered that I worked for a U.S. magazine, he picked up his AK-47 and pointed it at my forehead.

"You American?" he shouted.
"I'm from India," I said, truthfully.
"No, you're American," he said again. "You will die."
Panicked, I blurted out, "I'm Indian ... like Shaami Kaboor."
"Shaami Kaboor? You know Shaami Kaboor?" the colonel asked.
"Of course," I said. "All Indians know him. He's a big star."
The colonel lowered his AK-47. He stepped back.
"I like Shaami Kaboor," he said. "I saw all his movies when I was young. What was it he used to shout?"
"Yahoo," I said.
The danger had passed. "You are lucky you're Indian," he said. "Otherwise you would be dead. You should thank God."

In my mind, there was no doubt about whom I should thank.

Ghosh is TIME's deputy international editor

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Do you know the way to San Jose?
Yes, after the Winchester Mystery House Tour now I do.

You wish they all could be California girls?

I wish I could go around in tiny shorts in the absurd cold that is San Francisco in the summer. I'm wearing both jumper and scarf.

Plenty of room at the Hotel California/Any time of year (Any time of year)/You can find it here

This place is actually packed, packed, packed. No desert here either.

Can't think of any other songs (are there any other?) and the time difference is making me feel as though the whole western world is asleep as I type this. Or barely waking up.


I Love NY

Jul. 1st, 2011 01:27 am
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That's all. On my way to San Francisco. Which I like a whole lot, but it's not love. Earthquakes and what not.
Still hate planes. One flight done - 9 to go? Grr. Argh.
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New York. Very proud. How many states to go now?

Meanwhile, back in Sao Paulo, Mr. Stephen Fry is attending our 4 million people Gay Pride Parade. I love the man and that is not a word I use lightly. *sigh*

P.S. I do know that the groom/groom is not the only new reality here in New York City, there are bride/bride cakes now. Just couldn't find a jpg I could poach. :)
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I was supposed to be in Toronto, but am instead in NYC. I'm staying here long enough to see [ profile] rusty_halo and then I have stuff to do on the West Coast. People to meet in SF. Then I have family stuff to do in LA. Then I have to come back to NYC. Then go back home (yes, all the way back home), try to finally get my Canadian Visitor Visa, organize life, go see my mother in Rio, go back home and then come back to NYC to leave middle child in college and then, finally, back home.

I hate flying. I'm petrified every single time I get inside a plane. I'm going to be on 9 flights in the next 3 months. Granted, two of those are 50 minute flights, to which I thank the Lord wholeheartedly. Most people don't understand the sheer terror that takes over people like myself - we walk into those planes certain we're going to die. Fortunately, it's not so bad when I travel alone (I guess I'm fine with dying, just don't want my children to die), but I'm not traveling alone at all this summer.

G'd, Polly (the mini stuffed piggy [ profile] redeem147 gave me to keep me safe) and heart medication are the things that manage to let me board those planes. *sigh*

On to better things... Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart is an important, vital play. An amazing experience and, look, Jim Parsons and Lee Pace! )

NYC and the marriage equality vote. What can I say? It looks good? Why people who pay their taxes and are citizens of a country can't get married and have to wait for legislation telling them they can - is beyond me. Nobody is telling the churches, temples, mosques, or whatever you call a place of worship, to allow it in their space. Ban all non closeted, not rich enough to make a substantial donation homosexuals from your worship centres. Go ahead. It's not like religion is known for its lack of prejudice against minorities (and women) or people who aren't them.

Spain, really Catholic BTW, is fine with it. Brazil - the biggest freaking Catholic country in the world where the level of homophobia is not to be believed (I've heard college educated, professional people who looked human say they would rather have a dead son than a gay son)! Brazil has civil unions!  It took us a decade, but...

Not in the USA. Sanctity of marriage. Then ban divorce. Though, I think without divorce, the fabric of society in the US would disintegrate... Better yet: committing adultery should then be punished by death or, at least, with some seriously heavy prison time. Isn't marriage sacred?

I know I'm preaching to the choir. It just makes me so angry. Some time ago I read a tweet (it's ok, laugh) that said "Kelsey Kramer married wife #4 today. David Hyde Pierce has been w/ the same man for ~25 years, but he can't get married."

Nothing against the repeated "triumph of hope over experience" thing Mr. Kramer has going, but damn.

I try not to write this much, but that play lit a fire in my belly. Night.
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It's cruel and unusual punishment to make us wait until summer is over. Until then we now know who River is. The only water in the forest is the river.
So many technical questions at this point, but.. you know... Spoilers!
I loved his smile at the end. Though not so much in love with the teaser. I'm going to do my happy dance now.

Edited: I forgot, in my excitement, to mention how much I loved, loved the Victorian Silurian Lesbian and Jenny, her companion. I can't tell you how much it would rock to see them again.
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Just confirmed: no Canadian visa in time for me. *sigh* I'm pretty bummed, since it means finding a way to sell the very, very expensive Glee tickets, reservations to be undone, refunds to battle over and, the worst, not seeing [ profile] redeem147. My fault, I'm afraid to say. I should have gone begore. I was a bit busy with family stuff though.

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F*#k me and flip me over!
Where IS my Wife...
I think I love this show.

Two posts in one day... I'll go now.
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I tried to catch up with my FList tonight. It took a while - it's really late now, but I think I got most of you. You guys are quite an interesting lot and it's really cool to read about your thoughts on shows, life and the going ons.

Sorry if you get double comments, but my internet connection has been iffy lately. I'm trying to keep my promise and post, post, post.

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It's not perfect, but after a decade waiting for it - I'm so happy I actually cried.

Some of you know for how many years we have fought for it - even if I'm a "breeder" and even if it's not as much as it should be - it's a good, solid first step.

Brazil's Top Court Approves Civil Unions )


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I read the (Daily) Mail Online. Some of you will shrug and think - big deal. Some of you know how shameful that is... I know. I just can't stop myself. I make sure to read The Guardian right afterward to rid myself of the stale taste of the right and mindless gossip from my mouth. Truth is I like to read about things I don't care about.

Doctor Who is coming back and that makes me happier than unagui sushi at the end of a bad day.

Hanna & Super are the only movies I'm remotely curious about. Until...

Thor comes along. The actor is the same guy who plays Kirk's father in the new, shinny version of my first love, Star Trek. I thought he was excellent then and I'm hoping Thor will not be a disappointment because hero movies make me happily spend money at the movie theatre.

I replied to a tweet today and then felt silly. I share my account with my youngest who doesn't tweet at all, but follows the Glee kids en masse. I never tweet. I just couldn't miss an opportunity of professing my undying crush on Eddie Izzard. Something about a smart, funny man in make up... Hugh Laurie spoiled it by playing House too long - Georgina is no more.

I can make sushi, rolls, tempura and misso easily, but am having a hell of a time learning how to clean and fillet fish for sashimi. So now I actually spend time practicing my knife technique.

Brenda Blethyn is one hell of an actress.

Young'un is a full fledged fangirl who now uses words like "shipping", "canon", "spoilers"... You know the drill. The cool thing is that she ships a same sex couple. I'm grateful to Glee.

I miss the Met, the theatre, the restaurants and Whole Foods. Hanging out with [ profile] rusty_halo is also a highlight.

Anonymous. Film about how Shakespeare didn't really write the plays. *sigh*
Glass half full : Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson playing old/young Elizabeth.

I'm alive and doing the college thing with the middle child who is leaving this summer for life away from home. Two down, one to go.

TTY next month. *waves* Oh, btw, I tried watching Jersey Shore, but there's not enough vomit in the world.
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But diamonds are a girls best friends"

My youngest calls Valentine's Single's Awareness Day. I told her good work with the name, but it can be Couple's Awareness Day just the same.

I remember a Valentine's I got a towel. Not a full set. Just the face towel. Then there are the ubiquitous red roses which I loathe. I don't like roses all that much, but understand the convenience of their availability. The kiss of death is making them red. Not charming white, not vibrant orange, happy yellow or delicate pink.

At least when you're single you don't have to worry about another gift that makes it clear your partner knows zilch about you. My new job, for the benefit of human kind, would be present adviser. Tell me how much you have to $ and grant me an interview. Voila! No crap present ever again.

I know somebody who would like this a lot... **me**

Hope you're all doing well and that this new app works. Kind of lame so far.

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My oldest is trying to make her way back to college way up north. I'm home, with the a/c on full blast feeling environmentally guilty, but unable to deal with the heat.

It has been a really trying couple of months. Coming to terms, yet again, with the reality that bad things happen to good people... Still, we endure.

Sorry for the lack of replies on the e-mail front... I do tend to go silent when I have the reds.

Having the oldest at home for a fortnight was both wonderful and painful - as is the case when grown children demonstrate that 1) they are no longer children 2) they are very much still your baby, no matter how mature they seem to be. I still got to tuck her in and, sue me, loved doing it.

I wanted to wish all of you a healthy, sadness free - with occasional bursts of pure joy - next 12  months. We can all use some bursts of pure joy. And more optimism. I do get a bit encouraged when I think that being a nerd now is in, when a mere 5 years ago it was quite a no-no. Comic books are being made into movies I can sit through feeling just a bit of horror and Star Trek is back in a tolerable manner. It didn't suck and I still get goosebumps when I hear the theme. And what about Dr. Who?

BTW - It must have been one of you... I'd like to thank for the James Marsters's DVD of TIoBE. Due to some post office snafu it had to be repackaged and there was no inkling as to who had sent it. 
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I have the aria "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" stuck in my brain. From the Magic Flute? The Queen of the Night with all those sharp "Ah, ah ah ah..."? No? Don't worry. You'd end up with it stuck in your head and you don't want that.

I have spent most of the past two weeks feeling anguished. You know, I know.

Trying to start being better about posting. Not that LJ even looks familiar at this point, but there are people here I genuinely care about and I prefer LJ over Facebook any day. So, I'll be around.


Nov. 16th, 2010 11:32 am
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There's not much to say. I'm angry.
At myself, at G'd...

It all feels wrong.

I said this before today and it's the first thing that I think of when I think of him - He was so easy to love.
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Not as bad as it looks... )
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This made me laugh. I've been trying to follow the whole thing from the doctor's - wow. Just wow.

#ge2010 Don't do it, Nick! He'll set the foxes on you. (via @AIannucci)

P. S. Still learning to use the app, so sorry for any oopsies.

All is Well

May. 4th, 2010 10:55 am
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For you who read without logging in... I'm back home and have posted. Log in.
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I haven't been around forever and after getting an e-mail from an online friend basically asking if I was still alive I thought it was time. I do think about posting, but all I have to say is such a downer and, frankly, I'm not in the spirit of schizo posting (feeling one way, posting another). I do know there are people here who do care about me and who do worry. Even when I have been MIA for so long.

All I can say is that it has sucked. Wrong diagnosis, wrong meds, really bad reaction to treatment and all the joy that goes with all of that have made me go see a shrink just to manage the situation. It turns out I'm not one of those strong, stoic types. More like angry and seriously pissed off. And talking about it does not make me feel better. Just makes me feel more of a wuss for not being stiff upper lip-y about the whole thing.

The procedure went well, btw. I was just lucky enough to get an infection that resisted the first antibios they gave me. I have learnt not to trust doctors and I have also learnt that picturing myself as a v. hungry vampire eating up the doctor who is ticking me off is oh, so very therapeutic.

In case something more permanent happens I have this:
How to let your online friends know you are not coming back.


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