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Apparently, I'm not too old for rock concerts. I survived another one. Things I found out 1) backstage passes aren't all they are hyped to be. [You feel like you are in the way and the talent? Well they only show on stage when it's time to actually be on it.] And 2) free vodka, beer and campari [eeww] will invariably add to a lot of people getting quite drunk [and quite unpleasant].

Good Charlotte begs the question: How does it feel to be a rock band whose fan base is comprised of screaming 12 year olds? Very Leo post-Titanic.

Flaming Lips. Sorry, I missed you. After hours and hours, I was busy trying to get myself something to eat that didn't look like an advertisement for food poisoning.

High Point of the Evening: Iggy Pop driving the crowd absolutely & completely wild. Iggy's ass popping out of his very low riders after a somersault over the sound box. Iggy prancing around the stage. Iggy telling people to come up onto the stage. Security going bonkers when dozens of people obeyed Iggy. Iggy yelling at security to leave the kids alone and security leaving the kids alone. Iggy finishing the song and telling the kids to leave and, once again, the kids obeying. Iggy being called back by hundreds of hundreds. Iggy coming back to what sounded like a million people cheering. Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Priceless.

Sonic Youth. Sorry, but never ever again.

NIN [Nine Inch Nails] had the well produced show - with lights and effects. Very thrilling. Their playlist had the usual suspects [which I knew due to the wonderfully knowledgeable [ profile] rusty_halo who gave me rec's] - Closer [I liked it better live], March of the Pigs, Sin, etc... Don't get me wrong - I really liked their show. It's just that they came, they played and then left. Very professional. Like the top neurosurgeon who comes in, opens your brain up and cures you of whatever ailed you, but never smiles or wastes time in small talk. While I don't mind that on a neurosurgeon, a band that's there to entertain me [yes, and the other people there]? I'd like a little warmth. Though they were polite and said Thank you after it was over.

Note to [ profile] rusty_halo: I met a guy who came from New York for this and was on his way to the next city, following the band. I was impressed. I went to Woodstock once for a band, but that's as far as. It was funny because I remembered you saying something about somebody coming to Brazil to watch the show. He just started talking to me while I was waiting for my food. I know - but what can I do? People just start talking to me.

Note to the other Fiddler's Green people: One of the encounters of the evening was with a guy who started to [literary] cry on my shoulder [the drunk girl he had been making out with had started to make out with another drunk guy]. He had a huge Death on one arm and a Dream on the other [the Bachalo versions].
So, he [Mr. Gaiman] still has the nicest fans - but not when those fans get plastered.


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