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Things that make me think of [info]redeem147

Shammi Kapoor

Actor, 80
by Bobby Ghosh

Long before Bollywood musicals became cool in the West, they were huge in the Middle East. Iraqi viewers in particular were nuts about Shammi Kapoor, the lovable rogue with the ants-in-his-pants dancing style. When I was TIME's Baghdad bureau chief, the best way to break the ice with people was to ask about "Shaami Kaboor," as the locals pronounced it. They'd grow misty-eyed and nostalgic; they'd recall their favorite scenes of his and shout "Yahoo!" — his signature line from Junglee.

In the summer of 2003, I was reporting from a village stronghold of Saddam Hussein loyalists. When a local colonel discovered that I worked for a U.S. magazine, he picked up his AK-47 and pointed it at my forehead.

"You American?" he shouted.
"I'm from India," I said, truthfully.
"No, you're American," he said again. "You will die."
Panicked, I blurted out, "I'm Indian ... like Shaami Kaboor."
"Shaami Kaboor? You know Shaami Kaboor?" the colonel asked.
"Of course," I said. "All Indians know him. He's a big star."
The colonel lowered his AK-47. He stepped back.
"I like Shaami Kaboor," he said. "I saw all his movies when I was young. What was it he used to shout?"
"Yahoo," I said.
The danger had passed. "You are lucky you're Indian," he said. "Otherwise you would be dead. You should thank God."

In my mind, there was no doubt about whom I should thank.

Ghosh is TIME's deputy international editor

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I tried to catch up with my FList tonight. It took a while - it's really late now, but I think I got most of you. You guys are quite an interesting lot and it's really cool to read about your thoughts on shows, life and the going ons.

Sorry if you get double comments, but my internet connection has been iffy lately. I'm trying to keep my promise and post, post, post.

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I'm trying to make up my mind, but it's hard with all those numbers flashing in front of me (Sony alone seems to have 100 different kinds). I need to buy a camera (the filming kind, not the photographic kind) and I'm lost in the sea of technology. Could any of you take some pity on one so technologically challenged and help out?

I need a digital camera that will film to disk (DVD). It's for "Look Ma, I went down the Nile!" use, but the image should be good enough to show on television.

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I came across this letter from Ruth Gordon to the Times critic Vincent Canby and I thought I'd share. I'm aware not everybody shares my fascination with the curse of the Follies, but it's an amusing letter in its own right.

244 Ladera Drive
Beverly Hills
California 90210

22 December 1971

Dear Mr. Canby,

What a disappointment to read your review. I know people aren't supposed to write a critic and the last time I did was fifty-six years ago today. I got a good review in the Demember 22, 1915 Times and wrote the critic. It was my first time on the stage and I didn't know you shouldn't. Today I know, but I'm doing it. I wish you'd liked Harold and Maude. They said you saw it in a screening room with a dozen other critics. I you could have seen it with an audience. Maybe you wouldn't have liked it then, but then I'd feel it you saw it the way it was meant to be seen. Shoulder to shoulder with people is how a play or film is written to be seen and I wish you'd seen it that way.

Maybe you think this is about as important as what Lillian Lorraine said was wrong with her life when the lady reporter came to interview her. Lillian Lorraine was old and broke and living up Broadway at 96th. Some paper sent the lady interviewer up to do a piece. 'What do you think happened, Miss Lorraine? Ziegfeld said you were the greatest beauty he ever had in the Follies. What went wrong?'

Her answer )


Trying to catch up on LJ [and will eventually] and I thought to say hello [*waves*]. My eyes have been bothering me, so my limited seeing time has been taken by working on a couple of old things. Luckily, I've managed to write this one entirely in Portuguese - so it will save me the labour of translation. It's [very] slowly coming along.

When I can't write I build things and it made me think of something Mr.Gaiman [[ profile] officialgaiman] said about how he writes well, but isn't really good about putting up shelves. I built a closet these last days. Maybe that's what's wrong with my writing: too much shelving.

I haven't dared watch the last episode of Doctor Who. It's sitting here, but I'm not ready for parting of ways [sad & lame pun not actually intended]. I'm willy-nilly and quite silly, I know. I just can't. Not yet. The young'un is with me on this one... I'm teaching her the power of denial. Mercifully, our attention has been somewhat diverted by the start of Batman here. I'll be taking her & co. to see it during the week.

Anything else? No, I don't think so [I'll whine privately]. I hope you had a good weekend and that Sunday, the day I dread the most, has been like a soft & warm kiss to all of you.

And so, like another diarist with poor eyesight, to bed.
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The inspiration begins with a vampire who falls in love with a young lady. He seduces her, offering some jewels so that she will take the cross she's wearing off her neck. She takes her cross off and he biters her. The morsure necklace in the collection is in white gold and spinels arranged as if they were drops of blood. They are in love eternally. It's truly an improbably love story.

Victoire de Castellane on the new Dior jewellery line - Fiancée du Vampire.

I've come to the conclusion that anything eternal can eventually become a bore, even if it comes with diamonds - but it's nice to see the fangs crowd is growing.
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On the news, "Non abbiamo Papa.". Will CNNi ever show anything other than the Michael Jackson trial and the Conclave?!

Honestly, the rest of the world doesn't give a rat's ass about Michael Jackson's trial and we fail to comprehend why the nice people of the grand USA find RL trials so fascinating. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Law and Order fan, but the reason those shows are interesting is because it's nothing like a real trial. Those are long and boring - unless you're one of the blokes making 800 USD$/hour.

Hear me roar! )

To end on a positive, if not novel note: Research now shows that the jump in evolution may have happened due to the introduction of Omega 3 (brain food) into the humanoid diet. While the men were out uga buga hunting, the women, gatherers extraordinaire, were gathering food from the sea. Omega 3 was then eaten by the females, their children and, in case of pregnancy, fed straight to the foetus. You do that long enough and you get yourself a big & creative brain going.

So the men were responsible for the body gaining strength through animal protein and the women were responsible for the brain actually evolving.

It's both comforting and scary to see that so little has changed.

Note: Brits, is it true they are having a major contemporary production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar right before the election? Gotta love it.


Apr. 7th, 2005 08:00 pm
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I wanted to do a song & dance of praise for [ profile] voodoo_in_tx. The photos, the promos - my new Lost icon for this post is thanks to her - are a gift she makes to the fandom and I wanted to say they are much appreciated and so is she.
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Police Raid Club Over Nude 'Art Night'

BOISE, Idaho (Reuters) - An Idaho strip club that attempted to get around a ban on full nudity by giving patrons sketch pads for special "art nights" was cited for violating the city's nudity rules, officials said on Tuesday.

On related news...

Fend off dementia with sex

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Sex, cryptic crosswords and a good run could help ward off dementia and other degenerative conditions by stimulating new brain cells, an Australian researcher has said.

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What does it mean when you keep seeing black squirrels? Anybody knows about foreshadowing (pardon me while I laugh my ass off) or omens? I'm serious... I always saw the ordinary, roadkill sorta squirrels - now they have all gone black on me. Hey - it's my favorite color next to red (and no, no red squirrels yet)... But black cats are supposed to be like a witch's best friend... So would a black squirrel be a witch's roadkill?

Oh man - I really should go get some rest.

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Painting an apartment orange and getting said paint under your nails.
Taking out carpet that has been there for the last millennium.
Cleaning paintbrushes until they look almost new.
Feeling like your back is going to crack, but doing the 2nd coat because it will look better.

Feel free to add your own ideas of what can be considered going beyond the call of duty...
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I live in a tropical country. Winter has been over for a bit here (being on the southern hemisphere) and it's still cold and gray. What in the bloody hell is the matter with the weather?!
I just want to not be in a sweater... *sigh*

So sorry!

Sep. 18th, 2003 11:36 am
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My LJ had some major fit over one of those cute LJ things we do (this one was about my masculinity) anyway - it seems I clogged some entries with the same response multiple times.
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Walking down the street in Florence, making my way to school in the morning, I had my walkman on (yes, one of the old tape ones) with Alanis singing the "you live, you learn..." refrain. I get this chain mail and yes, I hate those and usually delete them pronto, but this time something caught my eye (the asshole in the first line if I must 'fess up).
If you live, you learn and I've learned... )
I've learned that sometimes the things you get in the mail are actually worth reading.
Chen smirking at the light


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