Jan. 12th, 2011

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My oldest is trying to make her way back to college way up north. I'm home, with the a/c on full blast feeling environmentally guilty, but unable to deal with the heat.

It has been a really trying couple of months. Coming to terms, yet again, with the reality that bad things happen to good people... Still, we endure.

Sorry for the lack of replies on the e-mail front... I do tend to go silent when I have the reds.

Having the oldest at home for a fortnight was both wonderful and painful - as is the case when grown children demonstrate that 1) they are no longer children 2) they are very much still your baby, no matter how mature they seem to be. I still got to tuck her in and, sue me, loved doing it.

I wanted to wish all of you a healthy, sadness free - with occasional bursts of pure joy - next 12  months. We can all use some bursts of pure joy. And more optimism. I do get a bit encouraged when I think that being a nerd now is in, when a mere 5 years ago it was quite a no-no. Comic books are being made into movies I can sit through feeling just a bit of horror and Star Trek is back in a tolerable manner. It didn't suck and I still get goosebumps when I hear the theme. And what about Dr. Who?

BTW - It must have been one of you... I'd like to thank for the James Marsters's DVD of TIoBE. Due to some post office snafu it had to be repackaged and there was no inkling as to who had sent it. 


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